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Yey, SublimeText 3 Update versi terbaru

Setelah sekian lama vacum alias tidak ada update, akhirnya text editor kesayangan yakni SublimeText 3 update ke versi terbaru. Kalau dilihat dari change log-nya terakhir developernya melakukan update pada 23 September 2016. Ya kira-kira setahun kurang 9 hari lah. Wow sudah lama sekali ternyata.

Nah apa yang baru di text editor SublimeText 3 ini? Daam update kali ini masih seputar bug fixed sama improvement fitur. Namun ada beberapa tambahan yang memang pada versi sebelumnya belum ada.
Mari kita lihat di change log-nya.

SublimeText 3.0 (BUILD 3143) Change log

  • Refreshed UI theme, including full high DPI support
  • New icon
  • Added alternate theme, Adaptive, that inherits colors from the color scheme
  • Added new color schemes Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen, derived from the excellent work of Chris Kempson and Dmitri Voronianski
  • Added color scheme and theme switchers with live preview via the command palette
  • Windows: Added touch input
  • Linux: Added repositories for apt, yum and pacman
  • Mac: Added Touch Bar support
  • Mac: Support for custom color window title bars on OS X 10.10+
  • Many additions and bug fixes to the theme engine, plus full documentation
  • Significant improvements to Markdown syntax highlighting, with thanks to keith-hall
  • Significant improvements to C# syntax highlighting, with thanks to gwenzek
  • Significant improvements to Java syntax highlighting, with thanks to djspiewak
  • Significant improvements to Python syntax highlighting, with thanks to FichteFoll
  • Significant improvements for R syntax highlighting, with thanks to randy3k
  • Markdown: Improved symbol handling
  • C#: Improved symbol handling
  • Many other syntax highlighting improvements
  • Various bugs with the syntax highlighting engine have been resolved
  • Fixed several crash issues
  • Improved responsiveness when the system is under high CPU load
  • High DPI textures are used on Windows and Linux when the DPI scale is greater than 1.0
  • Improved font selection on all platforms, allowing selection of different weights by name
  • Added setting theme_font_options to control font rendering of UI elements
  • Improved auto indent rules for HTML and PHP
  • Font geometry issues that prevent bold or italics are now printed in the console
  • Fixed flash-of-white that could occur when the auto complete window is closed
  • Disable scroll animation when animation_enabled is false in settings
  • Files can now be renamed when only the case has changed
  • New windows start with an empty find history
  • Find in Files panel now responds to find_all and replace_all commands
  • Various regex handling improvements in the Find panel
  • Fixed text widgets cutting off the bottom pixel of their selection border
  • Fixed an issue with close_windows_when_empty in empty session
  • Fixed empty panes on startup when hot_exit was set to false
  • Fix Open Containing Folder on Windows with a folder containing a comma
  • Fix multi-cursor pasting when clipboard contains one or more full lines
  • Prevent UNC paths from being mangled by edit_settings
  • Prevent a crash when a malformed regex is used in indentation settings
  • Improved rendering performance with a large number of gutter icons
  • Gutter icons are now sized properly on Windows and Linux high DPI screens
  • Improved sidebar performance when folders contain many thousands of files
  • Improved inline error message style
  • Fixed an issue where multiple indexing status windows could be shown
  • Windows: Font rendering defaults to DirectWrite unless using Consolas or Courier New
  • Windows: Added support for no_antialias font option when using DirectWrite
  • Windows: Improved touch pad scrolling
  • Windows: Improved file change detection robustness
  • Windows: Improved font selection logic
  • Windows: Fix ctrl+` shortcut for UK (ISO) keyboards
  • Windows: Improved fallback font handling in UI elements
  • Windows: The subl executable on OS X and plugin_host.exe on Windows are now signed
  • Windows: sublime_text.exe now has CompanyName set in VERSIONINFO
  • Mac: Handle layout changes due to macOS Sierra tabs
  • Mac: Improved default web browser detection
  • Mac: OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12+ default to using San Francisco for the UI font
  • Mac: Fixed file change notifications from freezing UI on macOS Sierra
  • Mac: the user’s default shell is executed and environmental variables are set in the plugin Python environment
  • Linux: Update X11 selection on clipboard every time selection changes
  • Linux: Improved MOD3 modifier key handling
  • minihtml: Added support for borders
  • minihtml: Respects font_options from the settings
  • minihtml: Fixed layout of html popups on Windows and Linux under High DPI
  • minihtml: Fixed crash when doctype is present
  • minihtml: Fixed a crash from non-existent CSS vars
  • minihtml: Fixed a crash triggered by bad image paths
  • API: Add View.text_to_window() and View.layout_to_window()
  • API: All API functions now accept and return device-independent-pixels
  • API: Fixed input panel not running on_cancel when re-showing the input panel
  • API: Fixed selector scoring with the & operator
  • API: Fixed a bug causing incorrect phantom contents
  • API: Fixed crash in Window.set_view_index()
  • API: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2k, SQLite to 3.16.02

Dari daftar change log diatas beberapa tambahan di SublimeText update versi terbaru ini antara lain :

  1. Refreshed UI theme, including full high DPI support
    Design tampilan ui yang lebih fresh, terlihat flat. Dengan font list file dan folder di sidebar yang lebih kecil namun elegan
  2. New icon
    Icon brand baru dari SublimeText. Berbentuk kotak dan flat serta ada huruf S ditengahynya. Sangat berbeda dengan icon SublimeText versi lama.
  3. Added alternate theme, Adaptive, that inherits colors from the color scheme
    Ditambahkannya tema alternatif yang lebih adaptive dan mewarisi warna dari skema warna yang ada.
  4. Added new color schemes Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen, derived from the excellent work of Chris Kempson and Dmitri Voronianski
    Color Scheme yang baru yakni Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen
  5. Added color scheme and theme switchers with live preview via the command palette
    Mode color scheme yang baru dengan live preview.
  6. Dan masih banyak lagi 😀

Kenapa saya pilih SublimeText? Dari sekian text editor, SublimeText lah yang menurut saya klop , sangat ringan, simple, banyak plugin, banyak trik-trik untuk memanipulasi konten text-nya pokoknya enaklah. Sebelumnya saya pake Dreamweaver kemudian setelah SublimeText ini muncul barulah saya beralih ke SublimeText. Dan sampai sekarang pun saya tetap mangandalkan SublimeText buat nguli.



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